Welcome to Extreme Code Studios (Pvt) Ltd Privacy Policy

  1. Hi there, we’re Extreme Code Studios (Pvt) Ltd, located at Level 6, No 135, Dutugemunu Street, Colombo 06 and welcome to our privacy policy. This policy sets out how we handle your personal information if you’re an Extreme Code Studios user or visitor to our website. It applies across Extreme Code Studios Elements, Market, Design Studio, Hosting & Domain Registrations. 
  2. When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘Extreme Code Studios’ it’s because that’s who we are and we own and run the websites.
  3. If we say ‘policy’ we’re talking about this privacy policy. If we say ‘user terms’ we’re talking about the rules for using our website. The rules vary by product and each product makes them separately available and seeks consent to them separately to this policy.

The type of personal information we collect

  1. We collect certain personal information about visitors and users of our website.
  2. The most common types of information we collect include things like: user-names, member names, email addresses, IP addresses, other contact details, survey responses, blogs, photos, payment information such as payment agent details, transactional details, tax information, support queries, forum comments, content you direct us to make available on our website (such as item descriptions) and web analytics data. We will also collect personal information from job applications (such as, your CV, the application form itself, cover letter and interview notes).

How we collect personal information

  1. We collect personal information directly when you provide it to us, automatically as you navigate through the website, or through other people when you use services associated with the website.
  2. We collect your personal information when you provide it to us when you complete membership registration and buy or provide items or services on our website, subscribe to a newsletter, email list, submit feedback, enter a contest, fill out a survey, or send us a communication.